Tuesday, 3 May 2011

This is what 500,000 post-its look like

Melissa is Brazilian store which sells fashionable shoewear for women whose façade displays recently caught my eye. It’s flagship store is on no other street than Rua Oscar Freire in São Paulo referred to, tongue in cheek, by a friend of mine as the Beverly Hills of São Paulo and occupant of the most expensive dark blue square on the Brazilian monopoly board (on the English board it would be Mayfair). You get the idea.

And like any other store which needs to justify high prices Melissa has a strong marketing team which recently hired the agency Casa Darwin to completely paste the entire shop façade with post-it notes as co-marketing action with 3M. I am not in a position to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign but it is certainly eye catching and not only did they do it once, they are repeating it 6 times with different designs, each post-it intended to be a single pixel in the grand display. A whopping 500,000 post-its have been used in total (don’t worry I’m sure 3M gave them a bulk discount :)) along with 40km of adhesive tape.

The address is below if you want to stop by and if not see my pictures even further below, there was a post-it elephant on view when I stopped by!

Galeria Melissa
Rua Oscar Freire, 827 - São Paulo / SP


Peniche said...

Great post!
Great photo!!

Vic said...

This is absolutely fantastic! I love this kind of ideas. Recently we created a couple of figures in the front of Murray with masking tape!

Unknown said...

Soon to be recognised worldwide as Murray-its...

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