Saturday, 28 May 2011

Helpful street objects around Pinheiros

Despite what is usually said about big cities and what I have heard about São Paulo's residents, in my experience Paulistanos have been extremely proactive, thoughtful, considerate and helpful. In fact, I often notice small details on the street which are put there to make life easier for another Pauistano. Here are some interesting examples:

On a street corner in Pinheiros the newspaper stand has a lighter attached to it for passers by to grab a "light" or for customers who have just purchased cigarattes:

The same stand also has a pen for you to use:

And further down the street there are public telephone booths, called orelhãos, portuguese for big ears, as they look like oversized ears. Notice that they have built a lower one for disabled access:

Compare that with the thought of a disabled person trying to get a wheelchair inside the traditional telephone boxes in London and the orelhão wins hands down.


Anonymous said...

Pierre, sou paulistana e apos 33 anos morando nos Jardins, mudei para Richmond VA. Quando a saudade aperta, uma das coisas que gosto de fazer e ler seu blog. O seu "descobrir" e o meu "relembrar".

Unknown said...

Obrigado pelo comentário Daniela. Com certeza, Richmond e bem longe de São Paulo!

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