Thursday, 5 May 2011

Coca-Cola Shoes are in/back/out/here/everywhere (delete as appropriate)

Ok so I’m walking down the street and I glance into a shoestore and see some new Converses I have never seen before. Looking closer I realize they’r e not Converse, they are a different brand, a brand I know very well but don’t associate with footwear… Coca-Cola! Here are the photos I took:

Now being an arrogant Westerner (capital W for emphasis) I immediately assumed these were bootleg and tut tutted  - what would The Coca-Cola Company say if they found out.  Major brand infringement lawsuit coming your way Mr São Paulo Shoe Shop Owner. But no – I was wrong, these are legitimate, official Coca-Cola products. I can think of a million product areas Coca-Cola could easily move towards but I must say shoes is not high up the list although when you see it it kind of works.

After researching this I have found not only that they are readily available on many Brazilian shoe retailers such as Leader  which have fancy ones like these:

but they also have their own website 

And it could be that I don't shop a lot and hadn't noticed till now but until I came to Brazil I didn't realise Coca-Cola had expanded into clothing proper so if you really feel the need you can deck out entirely in Coca-Cola clothing.

Now before you all go off and read another post in disgust, I should inform you that, according to the Coca-Cola freaks out there, there was a time in the 80s when Coca-Cola shoes got fashionable and as we all know.. the late 80s are “in again”. Need I say more, Leader awaits all you moderninhos…

And if not there's always Lou Bega to keep you sweet..


IsaacRiquelme said...

As a runners sicko i have to say they are more or less cool! The looking, not sure if i would wear them... what else do they have... coca cola under wear sounds more interesting!

lettyharry said...

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