Friday, 22 April 2011

Getting around the no-advertising law in São Paulo

If sandwich man advertising were mentioned to you, you would probably think of a nineteenth century man in a sandwichboard somewhere on the main shopping streets of Paris, London or New York. A few still exist but are a dying species due to the development of far more efficient ways to target pedestrians and drivers. In Brazil, however, the recent changes to legislation which restrict billboard, hoardings and street advertising means the sandwich people are back! 

At first I was very surprised to see so many people at roundabouts and intersections holding up signs but it seems that by exploiting the abundance of cheap unqualified labour, many companies work around the law and continue to advertise by employing people to stand on the streets and hold up their adverts. Presumably as they are not fixed (the person goes home at the end of the working day and takes the sign with them) they don´t legally count as billboards…

Below are some of the “human directionals”, to use a terrible advertising word, I have seen since I got to São Paulo two weeks ago. As you can see, sometimes they are dressed in corporate colours too:

Example of sandwich advertising in São Paulo

Example of people carrying advertising in São Paulo

Example of human advertising boards in São Paulo


Unknown said...

Thinking about hire some of ´em? They do have a function in the world system. Remember to the whole population that anybody always has a work worst than yours. They do contribute to social order!

Vic said...

I love the first image, it's so SP! The old tiled roof house next to the old (almost deprecated) "orelhao" or public phone cabin against the background of a huge modern building. And obviously the sandwich guys! Leaving for BA tomorrow, let me know if you're coming!

Unknown said...

Isaac - a few visible low paid workers and a good state lottery keeps hopes high, the revolution quiet and the political staus quo intact, right?
Vic - BA looks doubtful but let's discuss on Skype

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