Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Helicoptor Overload

helicoptor flies over são paulo

I don´t even have to look out of the window, I can hear them. The rhythmic sound of the blades chopping up the air outside fade in and out so regularly I am already becoming oblivious. Low flying helicopters are everywhere! When you´re at street level and buried beneath the skyscraper forrest they´re not so noticeable but get a bit of altitude and you it’s a chopper spotter’s dream!

I read this week that the posh end of Vila Olimpia around Rua Funchal which is one of the areas we are looking at renting out an office has more heliports than bus stops. Just a statistic of course but stop and think about that, a small segment of a business neighbourhood has 25 heliports alone!  Most of these buildings were built in the 90s already with heliports on top so it’s not exactly a new phenomena.

By the way some people call this area Vale do Silício paulistano (Paulistano Silicon Valley) because Google, Microsoft, Intel, Symantec etc all built their offices there.


Vic said...

In the past days I've been toying with the idea of buying a scooter, but now that you mentioned helicopters, what the hell! I'm getting one for myself

Unknown said...

Shit, those little mosquitoes cost the same as a car, but way more fun! I actually think I'm going to get one!! lol

Mark said...

Must be tricky to fly though? What's the cost/time involved to get certified as a pilot? And failing that can you get a heli-taxi ? A Haxi ? A Hab ?

Unknown said...

Taxicoptor is my favourite..

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