Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cute Words in Brazilian Portuguese Part I

Cute words in portuguese
As my command, if you permit me such a verb, of Brazilian Portuguese improves I am starting to enjoy the subtleties and nuances of the language. One of the fun things about Brazilian Portuguese versus Portuguese Portuguese is the very direct and pragmatic way in which the language is adapted. New words are created at ease with little worry about the fit with traditional Portuguese resulting in very cute combo words such as the ones below:

Revista = Magazine SO Revistaria = Kiosk/Newsagents
Similarly Bicicleta = bicycle SO Bicletario = Bikeshed
Absorver = to absorb SO Absorvente  = Sanitary Towel
Café = coffee, Manha = morning SO Café da Manha = Breakfast
My favourite: Moça = girl SO Aeromoça = Stewardess! Brilliant! 

ps. Personally, I am all in favour of making new words even if the purists say the existing ones suffice. Language is alive and kicking and should be constantly evolving. More cute words to come, I´m off for my morningcoffee..


Unknown said...

hahaha Aerogirl!

Unknown said...

Aeromoza is quite common word in latinamerican countries. Anyway is cool to check how lenguages are alive. When you are new in a country, you got a privilegied point of view for this goal. So enjoy. By the way, as one anthropologist suggest me once, writte about smells as soon as you can because later you won´t precive them anymore. Un abrazo!

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