Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The faces of São Paulo`s Cracolândia

Most have already heard about São Paulo`s drug-ridden and infamous district of Cracolândia. Rarely does one get an insight look into this part of the city. Photographer Sebastian Palmer took some powerful shots of the people who live in Cracolândia, the city`s notorious crack district. 

Check out his website: http://www.sebastianpalmer.com/

About Sebastian Palmer:

He was born in 1979 and currently divides his time between London and São Paulo.

Prior to photography, Sebastian studied French, History, Economics and went to the University of London to read both Management and Sociology. Deciding he wanted to take a more artistic route in life he left to study Graphic Design at Central St.Martins, London; where he discovered photography.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

CalcaThai.com Announces Opening and Becomes First Online Store to sell Thai Trousers in Brazil

A former expat from São Paulo has just launched a Thai trouser online store for the Brazilian market. Thai pants are a globally popular functional fashion that are adored both for their comfort and colourful Asian designs and the company claims to be the first in Brazil to focus exclusively on this type of clothing. 

The startup will offer a variety of custom-designed, handmade Thai trousers all available exclusively on their new website calcathai.com. It is offering free shipping to all Brazilian states as part of its push to cover a previously neglected niche in the market. Peter Rose, the founder, believes one of the reasons they will be popular is the similarity of the climates in the two countries. “In hot weather you want loose and comfortable clothes which are still fashionable and that is exactly what we offer”.

“We're very passionate about our Thai trousers and being able to offer them in a completely authentic way designing them locally and shipping them straight from Thailand,” he says. “By working hard to establish direct relationships with the people who design and sew the pants in Thailand we are eliminating middle men completely, and are able to bring these to our Brazilian market at a very attractive price.“

According to the company, there are multiple ways to wear the Thai trousers, either as a baggy trouser or as a jumpsuit and their website showcases both Asian and Brazilian models combining the clothes with regular street wear. The photos are all shot in natural, green environments and sunny Thai beaches suggesting Calça Thai is offering not just apparel but a lifestyle choice. They will compete in the increasingly popular ethnic clothing segment and rely on their price and uniqueness to gain traction in Brazil.

Loose fitting and lightweight, Thai Trousers are popular with everyone from nature lovers, to yoga and fitness enthusiasts and women moving along in their pregnancy. Thai pants have a unique, recognizable design of beautiful coloured patterns which combines well with plain tops and sandals, making them the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe.

Calça Thai expects to expand their catalog in the months to come both in terms of the colours and patterns available as well as launching entirely new designs. “The early reviews we've been seeing have been encouraging and we are already working on new designs to increase the number of products throughout 2015.”

For more information or to make your order visit http://www.calcathai.com.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Photo of the Day: Way back when

Monday, 9 February 2015

Décio Araújo and his mesmerising take on São Paulo

Décio Araújo is an architect and the author of some refreshing Instagram art. We say art, because his choice and manipulation of São Paulo images is absolutely dazzling. Geometry, symmetry, surrealism form the basis of his at times claustrophic, other times liberating, work.

He is, by trade, an architect, so as you might expect there are lots of images of buildings, façades and urban structures in general. But it is the way that Décio slices and dices them, interspersing animal forms as he goes, which really cathes the eye.

The output is a series of beautiful and abstract interpretations of a city otherwise not famed for its beauty or its visual inspiration. In this sense Décio is more than just a cool artist, he forces us to rethink São Paulo, even to rethink urbanism in general.

Be sure to catch all of his work on Istagram @dearaujo 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Meet Letícia Bufoni, pro skategirl from São Paulo

Born on the 13th April 1993 in São Paulo, Letícia Bufoni e Silva, is a young Brazilian skater who is taking the skating world by storm.

She moved to live in the US at 14 to be close to her sport and although she spends a few months a year in Brazil, most people back in her home town of São Paulo have never heard of her depite her impressive skate record.

She hit fame when she was shot doing the so-called rockslide, an already perilous-sounding activity involving skating down a stair hand rail, in high heels. Glamour magazine USA promptly hired her for their ad campaign in a replica skate shot. But even before that she had already won a bunch of tiles and boasts a high profile array of sponsors including Nike, TNT, Oakley and GoPro.

By the age of twenty one Leticia had already been ranked the #1 women’s street skateboarder by World Cup Skate for four years in a row. And in 2013, she became the only female athlete to win three separate X Games Gold Medals. In the words of the International Skateboarding FederationLeticia is what the world of skateboarding has been waiting for. A kick-ass athlete that can hang with the best (including the boys), great looks and a magnetic personality.

We think it’s about time she was known back in SP.

Below is a recent video she shot for Nike in which she describes her passion for skateboarding:

You can follow Leticia here:

Facebook: facebook.com/LeticiaBufoni
Twitter: twitter.com/LeticiaBufoni
InstaGram: LeticiaBufoni
YouTube: youtube.com/leticiabufoni

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